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Zan Lalnu is the original soundtrack for the upcoming movie Tleitiri which is set to release on 16 December 2023 at Vanapa Hall, Aizawl, Mizoram. The song is written and performed by Young Fella and produced by Smiley.

Zan Lalnu Lyrics

A khi an khian i pa chu a lawi,
Thangvan thiang a siar chawngmawi
Ang hian a thlir reng che bawihte;
Tiin a duatlai a rila rah ngei chu a hnem.
Pawi sawi lo naupang chuan
A neihchhun a chunnu han
Chan leh bik zawng a phal hleinem.
Nu ka hmangaih che
Nang tal chuan min kalsan suh aw,
Ti lawm lawm mahse
Thihna nunrawng in lainatna neilo
Fahrah lehzual turin a lak sak.
Huphurh ngawih ngawihtu
A laina hnai neih ve chhun chu
Fin mai a ngai.
A chan tur tha tha chuhsak
Mahse atan a lai.
Kawl en hun tur
A nghah hlelh ber ani engdang ai.
Malsawmna pawh hian a hmaih biklo,
A sakhmelah rangkadar tui luan tirin,
Duhsaktu leh ngaina tu
Hlir in a bawm ve thung.
A vanduaina te chu thulah a khung,
Hmalam chu a pan zel a,
Hmana hmeichhe naupang
Kan hmuh thin kha
Tunah a hlawhtling hmel
Kan hmuh tak hi.

Aw zan lalnu
I tan tih theih tlem hle mahse;
Hei hi hria la,
I tan engkim tih ka huam tih hi…
Nang leh kei chu
Ṭhenhran rual kan ni tawh si lo
Tleitir hmelṭha,
I chhingmit tui zawng a hul tawh em…i…

Tunah zawng duhthusam
Lanu chu ka tawng ve ta che bawihte.
Karah hmelma hrangin,
Lo buai vel ṭhin mahse,
I nunhlui sulhnu zawngte
Harsa in lo bumboh mahse;
I nuamsa tawh ngei ang,
Keimah min nei tawh e.
A khi zosang an, ka chuanpui nang che.
A ngurnun ngai lo,
Keimah sanghalhriama.
Lasi te tual chaina,
An sawi buannel ramdai;
Ka fanpui nang che,
I suangtuah ram ngei chu.
Tleitir hmeltha i zunah chhawl ang ka uai
I nunze mawi a dikin
Chhawm nung zel la.

Aw zan lalnu
I tan tih theih tlem hle mahse;
Hei hi hria la,
I tan engkim tih ka huam tih hi…
Nang leh kei chu
Ṭhenhran rual kan ni tawh si lo
Tleitir hmelṭha,
I chhingmit tui zawng a hul tawh em…i…


Written by: Young Fella
Performed by: Young Fella

Official Music Video of Zan Lalnu on YouTube

About Young Fella

Young Fella, a prominent rapper and artist from Mizoram, has made a significant mark in the music industry with his unique blend of talent and charisma. His journey in the music scene is marked by notable achievements and contributions, particularly in the Mizoram music scene.

One of Young Fella’s major accomplishments is the record-breaking success of his music video “Val Senior,” which he collaborated on with Zaii Hauchhum & Elza. This video made history by becoming the fastest Music video from Mizoram to reach a million views on YouTube, a milestone that highlights Young Fella’s widespread appeal and the growing popularity of Mizo music. This achievement is not just a personal victory for Young Fella but also a significant moment for the Mizo music community, as it demonstrates their ability to reach and engage audiences at a large scale.

Young Fella posing with his trophies at the 9th Thazual Award 2023

Young Fella’s talent extends beyond just his music; he is also recognized for his remarkable contributions to film music. He was a nominee for Best Original Soundtrack at the Mizo Film Award 2023, where his hit song “Kha Ni Kha” from the movie Black Rose was featured. This nomination and his performance at the award ceremony signify his versatility and his ability to create music that resonates with both movie audiences and the broader music community.

Further establishing his role as a cultural influencer, Young Fella’s song “Volleyball Mizoram” was selected as an anthem for promoting volleyball in the state. This song was performed at the MVA Volleyball Nite in December 2021, showcasing Young Fella’s ability to merge his musical talent with sports and community activities. This initiative by the Mizoram Volleyball Association to have a dedicated song for the sport, and choosing Young Fella for this role, speaks volumes about his standing in the community and his potential to drive positive change through his music.

Additionally, Young Fella’s track “Zing dar 6,” recognized as the MZI Best Rapper 2021, further cements his reputation as a leading figure in Mizo rap music. His subsequent track “Rukru” also achieved significant success, garnering over a million views quickly. These tracks not only display his skills as a rapper but also his ability to consistently produce music that captivates and excites his audience.

Young Fella has made a substantial impact in the Mizoram music scene and beyond. His ability to blend different musical styles and engage with various aspects of cultural life in Mizoram portrays him as not just an artist but also as a significant cultural figure in the state.

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