Snapchat Locked: How to Unlock Locked Snapchat Account

Locked Snapchat Account? Here’s how to unlock Snapchat account. Snapchat sometimes may lock you out of your account. There could be several reasons why this might happen. We’ll get to that later.

A locked Snapchat account means that you are unable to use Snapchat temporarily, or sometimes permanently. If your Snapchat is locked, you will see a message that says, ‘Oh no! Your account has been temporarily locked’ when you try to log in.

A temporarily lock means your account is locked for a specific duration of time, usually, a short period. However, a permanent lock means that you are no longer allowed to use Snapchat using that particular account.

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You could be locked out of Snapchat both in new and old accounts. There have been numerous reports of locked Snapchat even for very old accounts that have had very high Snapchat scores.

Why your Snapchat Account is Locked

There are several reasons why your Snapchat account is locked. Most of these involve violating Snapchat’s terms of service. Some of the most common ones include:

  1. Changing your Date of Birth on Snapchat Snapchat relies heavily on personal details for its filters. It is also especially cautious about privacy and identity. Once you set up an account, you are no longer allowed to change your phone number, username or date of birth. If you change your date of birth, accidentally or otherwise, you will get locked out of Snapchat. This is because your date of birth is your identity, and changing it changes your identity. Also, Snapchat can only be used by 13 year olds and older. If you accidentally changed your date of birth to 12 years old or lower, you will get permanently locked out of Snapchat. Be very cautious. All those streaks and points that you have accumulated will be gone in an instant.
  2. Using third-party apps and plugins to access Snapchat Third-party apps are applications not built by Snap Inc., but which use your Snapchat credentials (login username and password) to access Snapchat and its services. Plugins are add-ons that add additional functionalities to Snapchat; these are not built by Snap Inc. Examples of third-party apps include Casper, Snap Upload, Snap Crack, Phantom, Quick Upload, etc. These type of apps are often built to add additional functionalities like uploading photos/videos from your Camera Roll to Snapchat Stories, saving Snaps to your Gallery, etc. Snapchat does not allow the use of such third-party apps and add-ons to access their services. This is clearly stated in their Terms of Service, which all Snapchat users agree to when signing up. These third-party apps can infringe on your privacy and even compromise the security of your account. Using such third-party apps will cause your account to be temporarily locked. Continuous use of these will cause your Snapchat account to be permanently locked. You may however be able to use these third-party apps and plugins for a while before Snapchat detects them. If your Snapchat account is locked because of the use of third-party apps, you will be asked to uninstall the app or plugin. Even after you have uninstalled these apps, you might still have trouble logging in.
  3. Abusive Behaviour: violation of community guidelines While Snapchat has been extensively abused with pornographic content, this is in no way allowed according to their community guidelines. So even if you do get away with it sometimes, chances are you’ll eventually get caught if you keep posting adult content. Some violations of community guidelines include: – Promoting and distributing of adult content. – Posting, sending, saving of sexual content involving minors (below the age of 18). – Invasion of privacy. You are not allowed to post people’s private lives, homes, rooms, etc. – Threatening to harm people or inflicting violence. – Bullying or harassing people on Snapchat. – Impersonating other people on Snapchat. – Discriminating, defaming or demeaning other ethnic groups, religions, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, etc. – Spamming is strictly not allowed. Violation of any of these may cause your Snapchat account to be permanently deleted, or your content deleted, or reported to the Police, depending on the severity of your violation.
  4. Sending too many Friend requests Snapchat does not allow adding too many friends before you verify your email address or phone number. This is especially on new accounts. You need to verify your email address or phone number to confirm your identity before you can really begin to use Snapchat. In order to confirm your email address, go to Settings > Email. Enter your email address and verify using the verification email that’s sent to you.

Besides the above, you can also get locked out of your Snapchat account because of some technical glitches on Snapchat’s side. This usually automatically gets resolved on its own. If it does not, you can always appeal to Snapchat.

How to Unlock Locked Snapchat Account

If your account has been temporarily locked, here’s how to unlock your Snapchat account:

  1. Uninstall all third-party apps and remove all third-party plugins.
  2. Wait for 24 hours and try logging in again.
  3. Write/tweet to Snapchat support and appeal.

Let’s get to these in more detail:

Unlock Snapchat Account by Uninstalling Third-Party Apps or Plugins

If you have been using third-party apps or plugins and have been temporarily locked out of your Snapchat, your best bet is to remove such third-party apps or plugins.

Once you have identified and removed this apps, try logging in to Snapchat again from this link.

You may need to wait a while to get the matter resolved. So try a few times, after every few hours, to login again.

Wait for 24 Hours

If your account has been locked because you changed your date of birth, you may need to wait for at least 24 hours before you can login again.

Use this link to login to your Snapchat account.

Write to Snapchat Support

If you still cannot login to Snapchat after you have waited for 24 hours, your best bet is to write to their support team via Twitter.

Simply send a tweet to @snapchatsupport from Twitter explaining your problem.

Here’s a sample tweet: @snapchatsupport I accidentally changed my DoB on Snapchat and now am unable to log in. Please unlock my account. My username is: ####.

If all Else Fails, Create a new Account

If none of the above is working for you, and you have sent numerous tweets to Snapchat Support team with no response, you don’t really have any other option other than to create a new account.

We know how hard you’ve worked to unlock those trophies and maintain those streaks, but there’s just no other way from this point on.

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