Snapchat Score Explained (2015): Increase Your Score

I’ve blogged on several occasions about Snapchat Scores — what it means, how it works. Since my last post however, it looks like several updates have been made by Snapchat concerning its scoring system.

In this post, we’ll try to understand how the new scoring system works and how we can increase your Snapchat score without using any tricks or ‘hacks’.

Update: This was a post made in 2015. Kindly refer to the latest post about Snapchat Scores here.

With about a billion snaps sent and received everyday, you can be sure a complex algorithm of sorts need to exist inorder to keep constant track of all the points accumulated by each and every Snapchat user.

That said, let’s take a deep look into the mechanisms that seem to control your Snapchat Score. Before we do that however, a quick introduction on the basics for the newbies out there.

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What is Snapchat Score

Snapchat score is the sum total of all snaps sent and received, according to Snapchat’s website. Every time you send out a snap, your score is increased by a point. And every time you open a snap, your Snapchat score also increases. However, you do not receive a score for chats. In some cases, your score may suddenly increase or decrease. We’ll take a closer look at the possible reasons for this in this post.

Truth be told, it’s actually all so very difficult to correctly define what a snapchat score is. But the intended definition is that it is the sum total of all snaps sent and received, which it is not.

Snapchat Score is displayed next to your username. You can also see the scores of your friends and some public profiles.

Inorder to see the scores of your friends, swipe right on their name to start a conversation and click on the 3 lines adjacent to their name at the top.

If you click and hold long enough on the snapchat button at the top, you can see the number of snaps you have sent and received.

Snapchat Score: How Does It Work?

There are many theories concerning the working of Snapchat points system. Even as I’m writing this blog post, I tested to see how sending out snaps affect the scoring mechanism and by how much degree. The results is interesting.

Please note that I haven’t logged into Snapchat for quite sometime now. Anyway, I took a picture and sent it out to a friend and teamsnapchat. My score went up by about 6 points.

I then sent out a snap to just one friend, after which my score increased by a point. And then another snap to teamsnapchat; the score increased by another point.

Suffice to say, your Snapchat score increases by one point for each individual snap you send to one person. I believe the major increase (by six points) in my score at the start of the experiment was because I haven’t used the app in a long time.

It should be noted here that your score increases even if the recipient has not opened your snap.

Then I opened a bunch of snaps I received, that I haven’t previously opened. My score went up by single points.

I am no expert on how Snapchat scores work, but my little experiment has led me to conclude that, for most cases, your Snapchat score increases by a point when you send out a snap or open a snap. A snap is a photo or video sent or received on Snapchat.

Having established that, let’s take a look at how sending stories and texts affect the score. From all I could gather, texts don’t seem to affect the score in any way. But sending out a story (sending a snap to your story) affects the score the same way sending out a snap does — by a point.

Conclusion: How Snapchat Score Works — Your score increase by a point when you send out a snap to a person or your story. It also increase when you open a snap sent to you. Your score doesn’t increase when you open a story update, when you send a text or read a text.

All other theories, mentioned in earlier posts shall henceforth be ignored for the integrity of this post.

However, we’ll leave room for glitches and the ‘unexplainable’ drastic increase in points. You may also sometimes see that your score is stuck at a point; it doesn’t increase no matter how many snaps you send out. These are all part of the huge mystery that is Snapchat. I have no explanation for these other than to call it a glitch or bug in the system.

Also, the total number of snaps sent and received may not necessarily equal your Snapchat score. Your score may be slightly higher than this sum.

How To Increase Your Snapchat Score

You can agree to disagree with me here, but having a high Snapchat score establishes authority, though not as authoritative as having a high number of friends or followers. You may want to increase your score, you may not see the point of it all.

But as far as social networks go, higher the number, more the fun. For all the reasons that are, let’s take a look at the surest way of increasing one’s Snapchat score.

Having discussed how the scoring system works, it’s pretty obvious that to increase your Snapchat score, all you have to do is send out as many snaps as you can.

But you may not want to send out your snaps to all your friends. So here’s what you do to increase your Snapchat score:

  • Add as many celebrities and famous snapchatters as you can. By celebrities, I mean people who have lots of followers, who will not necessarily reply to your snaps, who may never open your snaps for that matter. People who receive hundreds of fan snaps everyday.
  • Take a picture and select all these celebrities as recipients. Send out your snap.
  • Check your score.

I suggest this route because if you keep sending pointless snaps to your close personal friends just for the sake of increasing your score, it’s going to get very annoying for them. On the other hand, celebrities are never annoyed because they never read or open your snaps anyway, which makes them the perfect target for sending mass snaps.

You do this regularly enough, you’re going to see your score increase very abruptly.

Snapchat Score Hack: How Does It Work?

You’ll often see websites claiming they can hack into the Snapchat scoring system. You might have even tested to see if it really works. And you might have even completed a survey or an offer as payment or authentication for the service.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t work.

You cannot hack the Snapchat algorithm. The only plausible way to make the hack work is if you have the password of the account that you want to increase the score for. If someone is able to login to your account with correct credentials, it’s possible that an automated software can add new friends, take blank pictures and send it out to the new friends — all automatically.

But that’s not what these websites offer. What these so called ‘Snapchat Score Hack’ tools do is trick you into thinking you’re actually getting the points by using a loading bar and throwing up some fancy words while the bar loads. When the loading has completed, you’ll be asked to complete an offer (survey, website sign-up, etc.) to authenticate the points transfer. What happens here is that whenever you complete an offer, the owner of the website makes money while you sit in front of your computer looking like an idiot. This is called Cost per Action/Acquisition (CPA) and is a popular internet make money online plot. If used properly, CPA and all forms of content locking makes for a great strategy, but it has widely been abused by fraudsters.

So, as much as I like the idea of a Snapchat score hack, I’m sorry to tell you there isn’t one. And despite all the convincing videos and photos of alleged proofs, it’s impossible for a third-party website to increase your Snapchat score.

Joyful Thiek
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