What Does Other Snapchatters + More Mean On Snapchat Story?

Other Snapchatters sometimes appear on your Snapchat story; while there is no clear information on what these Other Snapchatters mean, Snapchat once mentioned on their Twitter account, in a reply to a question that was posed, that these are people that you haven’t added.

Hi! These are Snapchatters who you haven’t added.

— Snapchat Support (@snapchatsupport) March 8, 2017

The answer, although seemingly vague, provides quite a bit of information. We’ll take a look at all the scenarios in which ‘Other Snapchatters’ may appear in your Story views.

What are Other Snapchatters?

Other Snapchatters are people who viewed your Story, but –

  1. Who you haven’t added (name displayed)
  2. Who have removed you as a friend (name displayed)
  3. Who have blocked you (names hidden, appear as + more)

Depending on your Privacy settings, your Story can sometimes be viewed by people other than your friends. These people appear as + more.

other snapchatters

Normally on Snapchat, people who view your Story appear as they are, that is, their names appear as it is; these are people who you’re friends with – you have added each other and accepted each other’s friend requests.

However, anyone who isn’t your friend (anymore) will appear as Other Snapchatters and + more. This will all make sense in the following case-studies.

1. Other Snapchatters – Who You Have Not Added

Snapchat, in a Tweet dating way back to 2017, mentioned that Other Snapchatters are those that you haven’t added. This means, they are people who have added you (sent you a friend request), who are able to view your Story (because of your Privacy settings), but who you haven’t added back (whose friend request you haven’t accepted).

To actually prove this, I posted a Story from my primary account, changed the Who Can > View My Story privacy settings to Everyone, then I created a secondary Snapchat account and added my primary Snapchat account as a friend.

From this secondary account, I was able to view the Story on my Primary account (because the Privacy settings has been changed to Everyone). I then logged back in to my primary account, opened the Story that I posted earlier, and sure enough, my secondary account was listed under Other Snapchatters.

If your Privacy setting is set to Everyone, anyone who is not your friend and has viewed your Story will appear under ‘+ more’. The people that appear under + more will not be visible.

If you Privacy setting however is set to Friends only, those that can actually view your Story will be listed under ‘Other Snapchatters’; their names will appear so you can know who they are.

2. Other Snapchatters – People Who Have Removed You

For my next case-study, I added my secondary account as a friend from my primary account (we are now friends with each other) and then posted a story update.

I then logged into my Secondary account, removed my Primary account as a friend, and then viewed the Story that was posted earlier from my primary account. I am still able to view the Story because my Story Privacy settings are still set to Everyone.

Upon logging back in to my Primary account and looking at the people that have viewed my Story, my secondary account is listed under ‘Other Snapchatters’.

This means that Other Snapchatters are people that have removed you as a Friend. To avoid them seeing further updates, you can change your Privacy settings to Friends Only, or you can remove them from your Friends list as well.

To experiment further, I switched back my Story privacy settings to Friends only. I added my secondary account. When we’re friends with each other, the secondary account appears under normal Story viewers, but upon removing that account as a friend from my primary account, the name appears under Other Snapchatters.

How can you know if someone has removed you as a Friend?

People that have removed you as Friend will have a gray icon or Pending status under their name in your chat list.

If you have changed your privacy settings, these people will no longer be able to see your Story updates. More details below.

3. + More – People Who Have Blocked You

This scenario is pretty much the same as the one described above. Instead of removing my primary account, I blocked the account from my secondary account.

However, because you cannot see someone’s Story after you have blocked them, I blocked the account only after having viewed the Story.

Upon logging back in again to my primary account, the Other Snapchatters feature appear again. But this time, the name of my secondary account is no longer visible. It appears as a + 1 more, and cannot be seen.

snapchat + more

This means that, a + more definitely means someone has blocked you. He or she might have blocked you after seeing your Story update, which inadvertently means that he/she might have been offended by your Story.

People who have blocked you will have a gray icon or Pending status under their name in your chat list; they will no longer be able to see your future Story updates.

So, to summarize, here’s what Other Snapchatters and + more on Snapchat mean:

I found that ‘Other Snapchatters’ are people who have removed you, who you have removed or whose friend request you haven’t accepted. ‘+ More’ means that they have blocked you; or that your Story privacy is set to ‘Everyone’, and anyone who is not your friend, but has viewed your Story will appear under ‘+ more’.

  1. They are people who have added you, but haven’t added back
  2. People who have removed you as a friend
  3. People who have blocked you (+ more)

Difference Between Other Snapchatters and + more on Snapchat

People listed under ‘Other Snapchatters’ have their names displayed, while those listed under ‘+ more’ do not have their names displayed. You can know the identities of Other Snapchatters, but you can not know who the + more are.

Other Snapchatters are people that you’re not mutually friends with, that is, either you have removed them, or they have removed you as a Friend. The people listed under + more are those that have blocked you.

Also, if you have changed your Status privacy to ‘Everyone’, anyone who is not your friend and has viewed your Story will appear under ‘+ more’.

Why does it say ‘Other Snapchatters’, but you’re still friends?

The likeliest scenario when it says Other Snapchatters, but you’re still friends is that the person on the other end might have blocked you. A second possibility is that he/she might have removed you as a Friend on Snapchat.

To confirm if someone has blocked/removed you —

  • He/she will be listed under Other Snapchatters
  • He/she will no longer be listed under normal viewers of your Snapchat Stories because he/she will no longer be able to view other Story updates posted by you.
  • A gray arrow or Pending status will appear under his/her name in your chat list.

How to Remove Other Snapchatters

To avoid seeing Other Snapchatters, change your Privacy Settings to Friends only.

To do this, go to your Settings screen by tapping on the Gear icon at the top right corner of your profile screen, scroll down to ‘Who Can’, there tap on ‘View My Story’. Set the privacy to Friends only, and not Everyone.

who can view my story

This way, only people that you are actually friends with (who you added and who has added you back) will see your Stories.

If someone has removed or blocked you because of your Story update, they are likely to appear under Other Snapchatters (whose names you will be able to see) or + more (you won’t see their names); there’s really nothing you can do if this is the case.

Thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

What Does Other Snapchatters + More Mean On Snapchat Story?

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