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Young Fella

Zan Lalnu Lyrics (Tleitiri OST) – Young Fella

Zan Lalnu is the original soundtrack for the upcoming movie Tleitiri which is set to release on 16 December 2023 at Vanapa Hall, Aizawl, Mizoram. The song is written and performed by Young Fella and produced by Smiley. Zan Lalnu…

snapchat symbols - meaning of all snapchat icons

Snapchat Symbols – Meaning of All Snapchat Icons & Emojis

Snapchat symbols are emojis and icons used to represent relationships with your friends, status of your snaps — sent and received — and other important information. You can tell a lot about your Snapchat friends if you understand the meaning of these symbols.

What Does A Purple Snap Mean? Purple Arrows & Icons

One of the cool things about Snapchat is its color-coded system that tells you what type of message you’ve received without even opening it. When you get a snap, you’ll see different colors and shapes that give you a hint…

What Does The Red Arrow Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat has become a go-to app for sharing moments with friends quickly and with fun filters. It’s full of symbols that can sometimes feel like a secret code. One of these is the red arrow. Knowing what this and other…

What Does The Blue Arrow Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat uses color codes as a visual language to quickly inform users about the status of their interactions within the app. This design choice enhances the user experience by allowing users to understand what’s happening with a simple glance. The…

Snapping Turtles: Everything You Need To Know

Ever been curious about the lives of snapping turtles? 🐢 They are indeed one of nature's most intriguing creatures. Their way of life, from hunting techniques to their significant role in the ecosystem, is a story of survival and adaptation.

How to view NX .prt files on Macbook

To view NX .prt files on a MacBook, here are some methods based on the information collected from various sources: Glovius NX Viewer: Siemens JT Viewer: CAD Exchanger: PTC Creo: Exporting and Converting NX .prt Files: Each of these methods…

How To Remove Channels (Updates) From WhatsApp

Do you find the new WhatsApp Channels update annoying? Learn how to effortlessly remove Channels from WhatsApp and get rid of this new feature altogether. Channels, according to Meta, is "a private way for people to receive updates that matter to them, right within WhatsApp."