Joyful Thiek

Joyful Thiek

Joyful Thiek is a metals engineer who quit his job for the love of social media, SEO and God. He started SnappTips in 2014 as a blog that provides tips and how-to guides on mobile apps. Over the years, the blog has expanded to cover various other topics.

What Does The Blue Arrow Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat uses color codes as a visual language to quickly inform users about the status of their interactions within the app. This design choice enhances the user experience by allowing users to understand what’s happening with a simple glance. The…

How to view NX .prt files on Macbook

To view NX .prt files on a MacBook, here are some methods based on the information collected from various sources: Glovius NX Viewer: Siemens JT Viewer: CAD Exchanger: PTC Creo: Exporting and Converting NX .prt Files: Each of these methods…