Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram and Twitter? Find Out!


Who unfollowed me on Instagram and Twitter? Let’s find out. These simple tricks and hacks will tell you accurately who has unfollowed you on Instagram and Twitter.

Neither Instagram nor Twitter, or any social networking app for that matter, tells you when a friend unfollows or unfriends you. They just disappear like that. But you need to know who has. Because friends can turn foe, and such people can be dangerous. Maybe they’re out for blood. Maybe they’ll come sneak up on you at night and slit your throat. I am serious.

Which is why you have to know who unfollowed you on Instagram and Twitter. You just have to know.

There are several ways you can find out who has unfollowed you on these social networks. And we shall get to each of these methods one by one.

Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram/Twitter — The MANUAL Way

You’re going to hate me for this, but we need to mention this method. This is the surest way of finding out who has become your enemy on Instagram and Twitter.

It can be quite tedious to look up your friends manually and find out who has unfollowed you. When you have your doubts, you can simply look up the list of your followers and see if his/her name isn’t there.

That said, let’s get to it. To find out who has unfollowed you, simply go to your list of followers. Look for the name of the person who you think has unfollowed you, if his/her name is not there, it means that person has unfollowed you. You can also enter the name of that person on the search box at the very top of your followers list.

who unfollowed me on instagram

This method only works if you have the name of a person that you doubt has unfollowed you. There is no way of knowing for sure if some random person has unfollowed you. For this, we’d need external apps.

Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram and Twitter? – Find Out Using Website Apps

One of the best third-party website apps for finding out who unfollows you on Instagram was Unfollowgram. This application was built specifically for this purpose. However, the service has been disabled because of the recent changes in the terms and conditions of Instagram. You can now no longer look at your unfollowers using the Unfollowgram website. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.


It is true. Instagram does not want you to know who has unfollowed you. And for a good reason. And this is why the Unfollowgram service was discontinued. However, there are some applications that still works. Let’s take a look.

Statusbrew — — for Instagram & Twitter

This is, by far, the best app to find out all the details about your social accounts. It works for both Instagram and Twitter.


To find out who has unfollowed you on Instagram:

  1. Log in using your Instagram account.
  2. Enter your email address and your full name.
  3. Verify your email.
  4. Click on your name (under My Accounts)
  5. Click on the yellow tab at the top to pop out a menu.
  6. Select Unfollowers. This will bring up a list of all the people who have unfollowed you.


Statusbrew also allows you to find out a list of people who you follow, but have not followed you back. It also shows you people you mutually follow back. And a lot more.

To start using Twitter on Statusbrew, simply add your twitter account under the Accounts section. You will need to authorize the application to connect your Twitter account though.

Unfollowgram — for Twitter

Although we’ve mentioned earlier that Unfollowgram does not work for Instagram, it still works for Twitter. To start using, go to their website, and login using your Twitter account.

Once logged in, you will have to enter your email address. Their dashboard is pretty basic, so you will not need any further instructions. Simply click on the Unfollowers tab at the top menu. You can check your unfollowers every fifteen minutes at which time your data would have been refreshed.


Verdict: For both Instagram and Twitter, as far as website applications go, our final verdict is that Statusbrew is the way to go as far as looking up who has unfollowed you on Instagram and Twitter goes. There’s also a premium feature that alerts you via email every time someone unfollows you.

Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram and Twitter? — Find Out Using Mobile Apps

There are some great mobile apps that allow you to look at a list of your unfollowers. For the integrity of this post, we’ll only list one each for iOS, Android and Windows.

For iOS Users

For iPhone and iPad users, the most recommended app to find out your unfollowers is the ‘Followers for Instagram – Follow Management Tool, previously known as InstaFollow, by NoApostroph3s LLC. This app is specifically built for Instagram.


The app is pretty straightforward, so we won’t get into all the details. Download the app from the App Store using this link. Once installed, login using your Instagram account. This will bring up all your stats. Check back every once in a while to find out who has unfollowed you since you last log in.

For Android Users

For Android users, the best app to look at the people who has unfollowed you on Instagram is the InstaFollow for Instagram app by Innovatty LLC. This app is simple to use and is pretty basic.

To use, download the app from the Google Play Store: link.

Once installed, login using your Instagram account. InstaFollow is an Instagram management tool that gives you insights on your Instagram account. Discover who unfollowed you on Instagram and who is not following you back, track gained and lost followers, find mutual friends, view fans, plus more.


All of this data is available to you upon logging in to the app. You can also see who has blocked you on Instagram.

For Windows Users

Although there aren’t many apps for the Windows platform, we have found an app that can do the job for Instagram and Twitter. It is called ‘UnfollowSpy’ by Elliott Forde. The link is available here.

UnfollowSpy is Windows Phone’s first follower and unfollower tracking app. It has received great reviews from its users and works for both Twitter and Instagram.

There we have it folks. You can now find out who has unfollowed you on Instagram and Twitter. If you don’t like installing apps, the websites that we have listed out can do the job just fine. Because when you install too many apps, you run out of storage, and we don’t want that.

What do you do when someone unfollows you? Well, maybe you try to win him back. Or unfollow him/her as well? That’s up to you. But when people start unfollowing you, it means that it’s time you start posting interesting content. Or maybe try increasing your instagram followers.


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