7 New Snapchat Hacks You Didn’t Know Existed


While using Snapchat can be quite difficult for first-time users, it can be quite addictive once you get the hang of it.

There are so many features on Snapchat like the high score, lenses, filters, emojis, etc. that you can exploit to their full potential as you start using the app more frequently.

We’ve already covered in detail how to use Snapchat in an earlier post, including most features of Snapchat. We’ve also written extensively on how to add new friends and have listed Snapchat usernames of celebs and people you might want to add.


In this post, we’ll take a look at some very uncommon Snapchat hacks that you probably didn’t know existed, hacks that will surely make your Snapchat experience limitless.

This post should not be confused with hacking Snapchat accounts. It’s not that type of hack. Rather, these are tricks and tips you can use on your Snapchat that most people don’t know, tips that will make using the app more fun.

1. Adding Lines of Text on Snapchat Caption

You are limited to just one line of text on your captions, and this is usually 31 characters.

If you tilt your phone sideways in a horizontal position, you can type more than 31 characters. But of course your caption will appear in a vertical position, making it hard for the recipient to read it.

This simple hack that we’re about to show you will allow for you to write lines of text on your Snapchat caption. However, this hack only works on iOS devices and rooted Android devices.

  1. Open a document in your Notes app.
  2. Type anything you want on it, that you want to use as a caption, tab on the ‘return’ button to add new lines.

    Alternatively, tab ‘return’ without typing anything to add as many lines as you want.

  3. Select the entire text or the blank lines and copy.
  4. Go to Snapchat, take a picture, tap on the screen to add caption and paste the copied lines of text or blank lines.
  5. You can edit the lines of text (or blank lines as the case maybe) by placing your cursor where you want to type.

Source: POPSugar

Note that you have to manually move the cursor to the top to start typing and then move it to the next line.

You can also do this by first typing in the limited 31 characters and talking into your microphone to add as many lines of text as you want.


This Snapchat hack applies to your caption as well as the Insert Text feature.

2. Take a Screenshot Without Your Friend Getting Notified

Every time you take a screenshot of a snap, the sender gets notified. Using this hack, you will be able to take a screenshot without your friend knowing.

To do this:

  1. Go to your Snapchat inbox.
  2. Turn on flight mode (airplane mode) on your phone.
  3. Open the snap, take a screenshot. Then, log out of Snapchat
  4. Turn off flight mode.
  5. Log back into your Snapchat account.

Your friend will not get a notification that you have taken a screenshot of his/her snap.

3. Use Two Filters Simultaneously on One Snap

There are many filters available on Snapchat. However most of these filters are location-based.

For instance, if you’re in Paris at the moment, you will have access to filters that are specific to Paris.

Often times, you will see that you can only use one filter on a snap.

This is not true. You can use two filters simultaneously in one snap. However, you cannot use the same kind of filters simultaneously. You can use a color tone filter, sepia for instance, and a temperature filter together.

To do this, swipe across your screen. Once you have selected a filter, tap on the screen with one finger and swipe across the screen with another finger to access other filters. Remove your fingers once you have applied both filters.


4. Use Any Colour You Want To Draw on Snapchat

By default, you’d think that you’re only given the rainbow colours to draw. That’s not true. You can access the whole set of all the colours there is in this universe. Seriously.

To do this, tap on any of the rainbow colours and drag your finger to different parts of the screen to access different colours.


5. Skip Through Stories and Leave a Reply

Some stories take forever to finish. You can easily skip through snaps in a story by tapping on it. When you tap on a snap in a story, it will skip to the next snap in that same story.

You can leave a reply on a particular snap by swiping up on the snap (in the story). When you swipe up, a text box will appear wherein you can type anything you want. Your friend can reply to this comment.

When you no longer want to view the story, simply swipe down to end the story.

6. Insert your Selfies in your Snapcode

A white ghost Snapchat icon appears in your Snapcode by default. You can insert a series of selfies in your snapcode to replace the white ghost icon.

To do this, go to your home screen, tap on the snapchat icon at the top. This will take you to your profile screen.

On your profile screen, you will see your snapcode, your score, etc. To insert selfies on your snapcode, tap on your snapcode. This will pop out your snapcode with a camera screen. Tap on the capture button. The camera will capture a series of five pictures.


You can change your pictures by repeating the steps mentioned above.

7. How to Use Snapchat Lenses

Although Snapchat Lenses were introduced quite sometime ago, there are many people who still do not know how to use them. So, we’re including it in our list of Snapchat hacks.

Snapchat Lenses are fun to use, and they have completely upped the Snapchat experience.

To start using Snapchat Lenses, go to your camera screen (home screen) on Snapchat. Lenses work by face detection so it is advisable to turn on the selfie cam. Of course, if you have a friend to help you out, you can use the rear camera too.

When your face appears on the camera screen, tap and hold on the screen until you see a bunch of lenses. Tap on the lenses and follow any instructions given thereafter, like raising your eyebrows or opening your mouth, etc.


If you like a lens, tap on it once more to apply the lens.