How to Make Phone Calls Anonymously on Any Phone


Do you want to make a phone call without being identified? How can you be anonymous without divulging any personal details or personal number when making outgoing calls? In this article we’ll make an effort to answer all your questions.

Situations and circumstances arise when there is a need to make an anonymous phone call — situations when we need to make our identity and our number discreet. There are many reasons good or bad to make an anonymous phone call. On the humorous side, perhaps to prank a friend on april fool’s day and make a complete fool out of him or her. Or to notify the person who has been pestering you continually with absurd deals and offers, that it is time to call it quits.


There are many reasons to want to stay anonymous on the phone. But this has become a problem lately with many newly available sophisticated applications like ‘true caller id’. True caller id has become a barrier for those who want to stay out of the limelight. If a person is using this app, they are immediately notified of the identity of the person calling them. Your identity is exposed once you call them. This has really become a problem for those who want to stay confidential.

In today’s world where there is an increasing need to know everything about the identity of people trying to call us. At the same time we are suspicious of those who try to call us without revealing their identity. Apps are getting sophisticated and we cannot almost keep our identity a secret. Maintaining discretion and privacy is all that mattered now.

But there are always ways to bypass these securities; despite the sophistication of apps, there are always ways to counter them. There are many apps which can help you for this purpose. Apps like google voice, burner, textplus, nextplus, etc.

In this article i am going to talk about three apps which I highly recommend will serve you very well. There are also ways in which you can hide your identity. The secret is in your own phones. You do not have to dig deep. All you need to do is a little alteration in your phone settings. And I’m going to show how do it in your respective phones, be it android, iOS or windows. Just follow these simple steps.

Before we go into full details, here are some of the ways you can make phone calls anonymously from your phone:

  • Add *67 before the number you want to call.
  • Disable caller ID on your Phone.
  • Use Google Voice, Burner or Textplus apps to hide your number.

Let us now go into details.

How to Call Anonymously from your Phone

Add *67 before a number

This is perhaps the most simple and easiest method available. This method is applicable to all types of phones. This does not require you to own a smartphone, download apps or use an internet connection. You need not even require to alter any setting in your phone.

Just add *67 followed by the number you want to call and your identity will be concealed. The receiver of your call will not be able to see the number on their phones.

The format will be like this: *67XX-XXX-XXX. But this method will not work for toll-free numbers or emergencies. This method applies to smartphones or any regular phones.

How to Call Anonymously Using Apps

This next method is a bit longer and a bit more complex. This requires that you have a smart phone and internet connection. I will suggest you these three apps which I believe are the best and most effective in serving this purpose.

Apps like Google Plus, Burner and Textplay can give you a different phone number than the one that comes with your phone. I am going to start off with google voice.

Google Voice

Google Voice is usually preloaded in most smartphones especially Android phones. The set up is very simple. All you need is a google account or gmail. Once you have signed in, you must register your phone number or your home number and your area codes. After you have finished registering all the necessary details, google voice will sync it with your gmails, contacts, calendar or other related google features and even with your computer. You have an option with what you would like to sync.


When you’re done with the registration, you will receive a text message and you will be notified of your google voice number. Google voice even allows you to obtain a legal number. Google voice will redirect phone calls to your phone.

It is a matter of whether you want to answer the call or you can just reply with a voice mail. There is no charge for receiving phone calls or sending text messages. But you have to pay for some minutes if you want to make an outbound call. It is a fantastic way to make a phone call and at the same time maintain your privacy to yourself.

Outbound calls will display your google voice number instead of your real number thus keeping your identity a secret.
The reason why I would highly recommend you to get a google voice phone number is because for those people who are really apprehensive of their number and absolutely do not want to post their personal phone number or their home number on social websites or other sites where your phone number is required; you can simply use your google voice number instead. It is absolutely legal and very helpful too. Note – this is applicable to all smart phones.


Burner is another mobile application that allows you to have temporary disposable phone numbers. Unlike google voice numbers, Burners are real numbers with area codes that you use for call, text messages and voice mail to stay in touch with anyone. The advantage of Burner is that once you have installed it there is an option to choose the longevity of validation of the number. It is very easy to dispose this number once you don’t need it anymore.

Burner acts as an incognito phone number but also allows all the things that a real phone number allows you to do so. Once you discard it, the number goes out of service and the data in your phone is wiped off. This works on both android and iOS phones.


Textplus is a another great app for making calls anonymously. It’s easy, does not incur any charges and again easily available for download for both android and iOS users. Availability is the main definition of convenience for any phone app. No matter how functional and good they are, if they are not available easily then there is not much use of it. It’s a great thing that Textplus is easily available for download in both Google Play and Apple App Store.


The function of textplay is almost similar to burner but deviates from burner a bit. Textplus will provide you your textplus number. You can use this number to call, send text messages or voicemails to anyone who uses textplus. There is no charge for text message, calls etc.

In order to make phone calls to other phone number (phones that do not have Textplus installed), you’ll need a subscription to the service. During sign up, Textplus offers credits to new users.

Another good feature of this app is group messaging which is very useful if you are a person with a massive friend circle. The reason why I suggest this app is because it has good security measures. You can block a person if you are being bothered or can report abusive behaviours of other users.

When you no longer want this number you can easily dispose it off and get a new number. While you’re doing all this, remember that you are doing it from a different number. You are using your Textplus number and not your real number.

How to Call Anonymously by Disabling Caller ID on your Phone

On Android Phones

In android phones there is an already existing Setting where you can activate and deactivate the caller ID according to your needs.

By deactivating the caller id, whenever you make an outgoing call your phone number will not be displayed but it will be displayed as a private number. This enables you to make an anonymous phone call to anyone.

By default the caller ID settings is set to whatever your network provider has defined. Which is usually to display your phone number when making a call.


However you may not always want to give out your number when making a phone call so we can optionally disable it. To disable it, first of you must open the phone app. Go to the dialler app and select the Menu icon which is the three dots located towards the top right. Then from the settings menu, select the ‘calls’, and then select the additional settings. Wait for a while to retrieve the settings then select the caller ID option. From here you can optionally chose to hide your number. Then click on the ‘hide your number’ feature. You have now disabled the caller id.

You should now be able to make phone calls without your number showing on the other phone. Just keep in mind this means that your calls will be show as coming from a private number. The other person might not necessarily answer it because they won’t know who you are (which of course may be the intention).

On iOS Devices

Fortunately for iOS phones (iphones, iPad, etc.), there too is an already internal setting where you can disable your caller ID. Once you have deactivated it, the receiver of your calls will not be seeing your phone number, but it will appear as if he/she is receiving a call from an unknown number. They are unlikely to pick up the call under such circumstances though.

It’s really easy to enable and disable your caller ID in your iphone depending on whether you want others to see your phone number or caller id from being seen by other people. When the caller id was enabled on your phone, you were able to see the identity and phone number of whoever was calling you but at the same time you are vulnerable to being exposed yourself.


In order to deactivate the caller id in your iphone, you must follow these steps. From the homescreen, go to the settings. After you have entered settings, scroll down and then tap on ‘Phone’. On the next screen after you have tapped on phone you will be greeted with a new screen. Downright at the bottom there will be ‘show my caller id’. On ‘show my caller id’, disable the show caller id setting by sliding the toggle for show my caller id to OFF position. From now on your number will never be displayed when you make a phone call with your iphone.

On Windows Phones

Windows may fall out of favour in the choice of mobile phones of the majority of people these days. Android and iOS are currently leaders of the mobile operating system almost putting windows out of business. But it doesn’t mean that they lack the most rudimental feature of smartphones – reliability and functionality.

Just like Android and iOS phones, you can disable the caller ID in Windows phones too. Like any other phone, the Windows phone too are set with default settings where everyone can see your number when you are making an outgoing call. But you can alter this settings to hide or show your caller id.

I am going to show you how to do it. From the start screen, swipe left and there will be a menu presented on the screen. Scroll down and ‘tap on the phone’. Then tap on the menu icon. After you have done this you will find the settings in this format, settings > call settings. Tap on this. Then tap on the ‘show caller ID’ option.

In here you will be presented with an option. The options will be ‘everyone, no one and my contacts’. Then select this options according to your needs and your caller id will be anonymous according to your choice.

If you set it on everyone, then your caller id will be hidden from everyone. If you chose no one, then your identity and your number will be displayed on the phone screen of everyone you call. But if you chose ‘my contacts’, then only people in your contacts will be able to view your identity and your number. The option to hide or show the caller id has been changed.