How To Clear Candy Crush Saga Level 210


I have written in a previous post how you can get unlimited lives on Candy Crush. But no matter how many lives you have, there are some levels you just can’t seem to complete.

One such is level 210.

Level 210 of Candy Crush is very easy if you are playing on a mobile phone or tablet. For that matter, the unlimited lives hack only works on phones and tablets, so any level of Candy Crush should definitely be easier to complete on a phone or tablet.

But no matter how many days you play, you will never clear Level 210 on a computer. This I learnt the hard way.

I’ve been mostly playing Candy Crush on my MacBook via Facebook. And I was stuck on 210 for more than two weeks. I just couldn’t get rid of the black curls.


After consulting with my friends and other users from forums, I was told that it was impossible to complete level 210 on a computer. It had to be done on a mobile phone or tablet.

But I didn’t have a smartphone at the moment. Believe it or not, it’s true.

So I ordered a Moto X online, which took about 7 days to reach me. And that is the story of how I was stuck at level 210 of Candy Crush for 3 whole weeks.

Anyway, once I had the smartphone, it took me a mere two tries to clear the level.

The Only Way You Can Clear Candy Crush Level 210

Here is the only and most important tip you need to know to clear Candy Crush level 210:

  1. The ONLY way you can clear level 210 is by mixing a colour bomb with another colour bomb.

    candy crush level 210 trick

    But hold on, mixing a color bomb with another color bomb won’t clear the level on a computer. This is the tricky part. It cannot clear the curls. And level 210 is all about getting rid of the black curls. Once you clear the curls, clearing the jellies is only too easy.

    On a computer, mixing two color bombs does not affect the curls at all. And this is when you want to kill yourself.

    You can only clear the curls on a smartphone or tablet using the app (Android or iOS) version of Candy Crush by mixing two color bombs. Once you’ve done away with the curls, clearing the jellies is only a child’s play.

    candy crush level 210 trick

  2. Step 2: nothing.

candy crush level 210So to recap, the only way to clear level 210 of Candy Crush is by mixing two color bombs on a smartphone or tablet. This will clear the black curls after which you can easily clear the jellies.

It’s unclear why the makers of Candy Crush would want to put this hurdle for us players. Perhaps it’s a marketing tactic. Anyone who plays Candy Crush must install the app on a smartphone or tablet, meaning more downloads/installs. When stuck on a level for so long, you get frustrated, you start buying extra lives and moves. More money for them?

Discuss away.


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  1. Harold
    January 22, 2015 at 5:32 pm | Permalink

    Since just getting to level 210, I’ve read other blogs where complaints have been posted for years about this level. So apparently King doesn’t care and is still sticking it to us. But not to me. There are just too many other more interesting things to waste my time with.