Find Snapchat Friends; Get More Friends on Snapchat


I remember writing one of my first articles about Snapchat in 2013. Little did I know then how big the ephemeral photo messaging app was going to become.

Three years and a series of updates later, Snapchat has now surpassed Instagram as a social media of choice among teenagers, according to a study by Piper Jaffray. With over 7 billion daily video views in 2016, Snapchat has certainly become the biggest thing since Facebook.

Teenagers, you heard it right. If you’re not a teen or in your early twenties, Snapchat may come across as confusing and pointless, at times. Sure you might have signed up on it years ago, in hopes of trying to keep up with the modern advances in technology. But it’s possible you didn’t have much use of it after. You do not particularly like taking photos or videos of yourself, or worse, you do not have friends on it to share your snaps with.

Any social network, no matter how popular, doesn’t work if you do not have friends on it. Because social networks rely on connections and communication, the first thing you need to do when signing up on any social application is to build up your friends list. Then the rest follows.

In this post, we take a look at how to find new Snapchat friends to add. If you don’t yet know how to add people, we’ve written a step-by-step guide on how to add people on Snapchat.

Getting Discovered & Finding New Snapchat Friends To Add

Unlike most social networks, it’s extremely difficult to discover new people on Snapchat. This is because all the posts (snaps) made on Snapchat disappear after they are viewed. Social sharing, which is a common feature in social networks to share posts (photos and videos) that you like, is absent in Snapchat. Also, a very important social discover feature in all social networks like tagging, hashtag and repost are not available in Snapchat.

Without the ability to share and tag posts, it’s completely impossible to discover new people through their snaps. An outside channel is thus required.

But unless you have a strong following on other networks like Facebook or Twitter, it is highly unlikely that you will amass a good number of new Snapchat friends.

Either way, here are some of the ways you can find new Snapchat friends.

1. Add People From Your Phone’s Address Book

You probably have done this when you signed up, but just in case, let’s do it again. People in your phone’s address book are probably the ones closest to you; you know them all personally. And it’s likely they will become your #1 best friends on Snapchat.

To add people from your phone’s address book, go to your Snapchat profile screen by tapping on the Snapchat logo on top of your camera screen. On your profile screen, tap on Add Friends. Under Add Friends, tap on Add from Address Book.

You will see all the people who use Snapchat from your Address Book appear on top of the list as ‘Snapchatters in my Contacts’.

Tap on the + icon next to their names to add them on Snapchat.

snapchat friends

Now that we have all the people on our Address Book as Snapchat Friends, let’s move on to finding more people.

2. Add Friends by Username: Get/Share Snapchat Usernames

The most common way to discover new people on Snapchat is through usernames. This is also how you get discovered.

But the problem is that people don’t know your username, and you do not have the platform to tell them what your username is.

Celebrities and personalities who already have the following in their social profiles can easily spread the word about their Snapchat to their followers. But the vast majority of us do not have such kind of following.

But I’m sure we all have profiles on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can share your usernames to your friends and followers on these social networks.

Also, as it is with most social networks, people you follow tend to follow back if they’re not celebrities with huge following. You can add random people as friends, they’ll most likely add you back.

To get usernames of normal people, Reddit provides such platform:


3. Add Friends by Snapcode or Profile Link

In the January 2016 update, Snapchat introduced personalised profile URLs. This URL leads you to a page containing your username and Snapcode. An example link is:

You can also see your Snapcode on your profile screen on the app. Share this snapcode (a screenshot of it) to your friends/followers. You can scan this snapcode from the app by going to Add Friends > Add by snapcode.

snapchat friends

You can also directly share your personalized profile URL to your friends or followers.

4. How To Find Friends and Celebs To Add on Snapchat

I’m sure we’ve all known by now how to add friends on Snapchat, the trouble as discussed above is finding people to add on Snapchat.

There is no one-click software to accumulate Snapchat friends, but there are forums and platforms where you can share your username to other Snapchatters.

The best platform for this is Reddit’s snapchat subreddit –

This subreddit is created to exchange Snapchat usernames. You post your username along with a brief introduction. If people are interested, they will friend you. You will likewise add them.

We’ll update this section if we come across more sources.

Also, we have dedicated an entire post on Celebrity snapchat usernames that you can follow. Click on the link to find celebrities to add on Snapchat.

5. Posting Snaps on Other Social Networks

In the world of social networks, anything can go viral. In fact, there are people with huge following on Snapchat that are making tons of money off it. It’s unlikely that everyone can succeed to this level, but you never know. The internet has made all things possible.

Create funny, creative, amazing snaps using lenses and filters. Post it to your story and send it out to your friends.

Also, save this snaps to your Phone’s camera roll or Gallery and post it to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. These social networks allow social sharing. Your post may not go viral, but if it’s funny enough, people might start to share.

This is a good way to get discovered. Make sure you mention your Snapchat username in your captions.