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How to Save & Recover Snapchat Photos, Videos & Stories

These simple methods and hacks will not only help you save your Snapchat photos, videos and stories, but you can also recover expired snaps.

improve your battery life

16 Tips to Optimize and Improve Battery Life on Smartphones

We know how frustrating it can get when you run out of battery on your smartphone. These 16 tips will dramatically improve your battery life and save you more power for playing games or listening to music.

sos stay safe

10 Personal Safety Apps To Keep You Protected

Is someone stalking you? Are you single in the city and have a late night shift? Did you just come back alone from a late night party? Did your car break down in the middle of nowhere? These apps will keep you safe and protected.

snapchat main screen

How To Use Snapchat on iPhone & Android [FULL TUTORIAL]

In this tutorial, we take you step by step from installing to using Snapchat like a pro, including instant text and video chatting. Be a part of the new social ephemeral revolution.


Snapchat Best Friends: Frequently Asked Questions

What are Snapchat Best Friends? How does it work? Here’s everything you need to know about Snapchat best friends and how to remove or hide people from the list.


How to Remove or Hide Snapchat Best Friends

Snapchat Best Friends are displayed on your profile and can be seen by anyone who visits your profile. There are two ways to remove your Snapchat best friends.


How to Get Unlimited Lives in Candy Crush Saga

We know how frustrating it can get when you run out of lives on Candy Crush Saga. This tutorial will show you how you can get unlimited lives and clear all the levels that you’re stuck at without having to beg for extra lives from your friends.